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Gas stove manufacturers:Single-head gas stove manufacturers in Foshan, Guangdong Province, there are many such processing manufacturers, due to the local gas cooker accessories manufacturers focus on production, logistics and distribution, processing and manufacturing concentrated production. So many brands of stove manufacturers and OEM stove processing companies are located here. The company is located in Ronggui Huakou Industrial Zone, Shunde, Foshan, hometown of electric appliances. It specializes in producing and producing gas cookers and kitchen appliances. Single-head gas stove, double-headed (two-pair) gas stove, three-headed four-head long gas stove, etc. Provide Wanrong brand, Huatai brand products, but also provide OEM processing services, desktop stoves, embedded stoves, natural gas liquefied gas and artificial gas methane cookers can be customized production.

Exports of gas stove manufacturers

Household gas cookers generally have a production period of 7 days, a peak season of 15 days, and special customizations of 25-30 days (exports of gas stoves); customers who cooperate frequently are ordered first, and gas cooker manufacturers do well. After ordering the customer’s product, the customer will be notified to play the full amount and then delivered to the customer; also some of the first cooperation is not familiar with, the first payment of the total purchase price of 30% deposit, after the production of gas appliances, after the customer inspection and then play the balance , and then you can take the goods away. There are many fraudsters this year, and many unscrupulous people fake customer orders for fraudulent goods, so manufacturers also need special care; the gas cooker distribution agents that need to order also need to be carefully defrauded by unlicensed and unlicensed manufacturers. Payment; so both parties must communicate clearly before the cooperation. avoid lost.OEM-Gas stoves

Gas stove manufacturers

The safest and safest method, like the import and export trading company, sets the difference parameters of the cooking stove with the manufacturer, such as: gas cooker panel material, thickness, burner weight, packaging size, Furnace material shape, switch knob style material, gas stove body assembly materials, etc., these are written into the order contract, and then arrange 30% of the total payment deposit to the manufacturer, gas stove manufacturers receive the deposit It began to prepare materials and produce production according to the requirements of signing the contract. After the goods are finished according to the quality and quantity, after entering the finished product, the customer’s platoons will check the goods according to the contract standard, and after determining that there is no mistake, the remaining balance will be paid to the manufacturer and the goods will be taken away. Both sides can be guaranteed.OEM-Gas stoves

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